Setup auto updates

By default auto updates are not enabled.

There are 2 options to set auto update for the feeds: a cron job or an async job.

Cron job

30 * * * * python planet_update_all_feeds

This attempts to pull in new posts every 30 minutes.


Install Celery pip install celery redis. You will need a file as explained here. A Redis or RabbitMQ instance is also required, check the Celery docs. In


from datetime import timedelta
        'update-feeds': {
            'task': 'planet.tasks.update_feeds',
            'schedule': timedelta(minutes=30),

Then launch the worker: start a beat and a worker:

celery -A project_name beat  -l info --broker='redis://localhost:6379/0'
celery -A project_name worker  -l info --broker='redis://localhost:6379/0'


Huey is easier to configure than Celery. If you are not familiar with Celery you might want to use it for an easy start.

Install Huey: pip install huey. Add huey.contrib.djhuey in INSTALLED_APPS. In


from huey import RedisHuey
HUEY = RedisHuey('your_project_name')

Launch the worker:

python run_huey